Our New Home

Well, we did it. We moved to northern Maryland, about 2 hours away from our old home. We now live in a completely new to us community. We are about 30- 60 minutes away from much of our family (as opposed to 3 hours) and we are settling in well. We live in a cute neighborhood in a tiny, one-stop light town which is surrounded by miles and miles of farms.

I'm surprised and thrilled with how quickly we've made friends. We plugged into a church 20 minutes away. The boys and I started homeschooling, and have new friends within the homeschool community. We've reconnected with old friends and already hosted a birthday party with family. Our neighbors are fantastic so far, and the boys love riding their bikes in the evenings with new friends. (Note- they learned to ride their bikes!). We enjoyed the tiny, free pool in our town until it closed for the season. It's quite literally a 2 minute drive to get there, and I'm already looking forward to it re-opening next summer. We…

Let's Go

It has not rained in weeks and the garden needs water, so I tend to it with the hose. I know full well that in less than 2 weeks it will not be my garden anymore, and I hope the new home owners care for it as I do, but I also know that cannot because they did not toil and watch everything grow as I did.


It's our last Saturday here, and it's crunch time. There is still much to be packed. I worked hard this week, bustling around with Sammy on my legs, undoing half of what I had packed until the boxes were sealed. Graham went to VBS, Patrick hung around the house, and I listened to an audiobook to help the time pass. Yesterday, instead of packing, I collapsed into bed for an afternoon nap as soon as Samuel was down for his nap. I'm tired, and eager to be in our new house.


We are north bound, moving near more family. We are sad to be leaving my parents, brother, and Grandma. I will miss dinners on the deck and swinging by Grandma's or Mom and Dad…

Spring 2018

Lately, I've been missing writing. I haven't written on here consistently in a couple of years and I'm rusty. The keyboard feels strange. And I don't have anything to write about, exactly. But the other day I pulled out my journals- the private, handwritten journals I've kept for 10 years now- and remembered why it's so important for me to write. In those books, I saw myself and God. I could tangibly read about all the struggles and victories that God has brought me through. There are thousands of lines of thanksgivings. There are pages detailing anxiety. There is God's good faithfulness through it all. It's the story He's written and so I'm going to try to get my tired hands back here more often.

Before anything deep, I think I just need to update this blog on general well beings...

Our family is well. Happy, loud, full of life. Of course, there's bickering and exhaustion and lack of patience and wisdom. Such is human life. Behn and I are n…

On A Cold March Day

I'm giving myself 5 minutes to write.

I haven't written in so long, months. Today is cold and dreary, and I put cabbage in the crock pot and brewed more tea, which is much more romantic in November than in March. In March, I want to throw open windows and play in the dirt, but today it's flurrying so I'll settle for cabbage and tea.

The faint red hue of unfurled new leaves barely holds in the trees. Waiting. The spring peepers in the creek beds, who we heard a couple weeks ago, have quieted again. Waiting.

Patrick and I will play another game of Uno, since he finished school for the day. Samuel is napping, piled under blankets in his cozy crib. Graham's off learning at school, and Behn is running his department at work. I alternate between sorting through toys (and piling them off to purge to the thrift store) and cooking and folding laundry. We each have our tasks, and I'm achey today but the work feels good, too, especially while listening to an audiobook. La…

Off The Bookshelf (Giant book dump)

Wow, I have not made an "off the bookshelf" post in a long time...probably because I've been too busy to blog. But I haven't been too busy to read, so here's a summary of books I've read in the past 9 months or so. Some of the summaries are short, since there are so many. Every book was great, and I recommend each of them!

1. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

Fiction- Antebellum rural Virginia, immigrant orphan, slavery, drug addiction, bad marriages, freedom. Great story and characters. Need to read the sequel.

2. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Non-fiction. Memoir about growing up in the low-income/blue collar ruralish America, the importance of family connection, and a commentary on a number of social class and political issues. I found it super interesting, from a human services standpoint. Read in 3 days.
3. Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World by Kristen Welch

This book helped me in realizing how easy it is to raise entitled kids, and encouraged me…

Glory Unfurling

"God made our children strong-willed, so that once they put their faith in Him and submit to His will, they will not be detoured. Those iron wills will not fail. Strong-willed children were designed to cling tenaciously to the strongest will of all...the will of God." -Wendy Speake, Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions For Gentle Biblical Responses

Mother's Day 2017
Today was a hard parenting day. Hard, hard, hard. I wish I could say that we handled it well, with grace and wisdom, but in reality, we stumbled through, grasping for peace. From sun up to sun down, we struggled, apologized, started over, apologized again. We asked, why is he so hard? Where did we go wrong? Most importantly, when can we put him to bed? There were certainly physical factors (field day yesterday, then woken up by brother at 6 a.m.) and emotional factors (school almost ending, doesn't handle transitions well). But what we know is this: strong-willed kids grow into strong-willed ad…

Valentine's Day Confessions (I love who God made me)

"February Thoughts...Valentine's Day Confessions..." February seems to be a month of introspection!

Ah, the day of love. The day of 30+ Spiderman or Minion valentine's cards from the Dollar Store. The boys actually did super well sitting and carefully writing their classmates and teacher's names on each card. Patrick did at one point throw a pen across the room because "S" is hard to write. I feel ya, bro.

Behn and I have never been big on Valentine's Day. When we were dating, we had a tradition where we got Chinese for dinner and called it a cheap date. We don't even do that anymore (it's Taco Tuesday up in here. Thanks for the budget, Dave Ramsay). Every year, I think, 'Next year we will do cute cards! I'll make pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast! The kids will send cards to all cousins and grandparents!"

Oops. Forgot again. Honestly, I only remembered classroom cards because I got multiple reminders with kids names on l…